Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hill Voyage

this is my first blog, what could be better to start with a voyage that is one of my life's most memorable trips.

We four guys( Pawan, Arpit, Me,Manu) rather I would say four globytes, planning for this trip for last 6 months, at last 3 days before the actual start we accidentally decide to implement this trip, and successfully executed it. (Don’t mind being developer I am habitual of using some technical words.)

In hurry we booked tickets, oh I forgot to mention where we were heading to, its ROHTANG PASS. As there is no place to stay at ROHTANG PASS we book tickets for Manali. Form Delhi to Manali we booked for HPTC ac buses and for return journey we booked Rao Travles Volvo. But I would say here public transport was better than private in process and punctuality.

On D-day we started our journey we got bus from ISBT Delhi at 8:40 pm sharp to start a journey of more than 13 hour. In the bus TV and music systems were not working (but we it was fine with us as some beautiful gals were around us).
In karnal at first stop we took our dinner. We guys tried to sleep in bus but were not able to. At night the bus stops at two to three places, I don’t know the stoppage names though. On the way one of our friends barfed as it usually happen when you are travelling in hilly areas (It’s better to keep tablets like VomiStop for this.)

Then around 12 pm we reached Kullu. The view was awesome; River Beas was flowing like adolescent who just enter in its teen age and want to do everything which is prohibited. And of course the amalgamation of trees, mountain and clouds was generating a howling view. In kullu the conductor asked to shift our luggage in other bus for Manali. Then we started our journey for final destination.

As we stepped in the hotel a bunch of girls draped in saris having plate (containing auspicious content, flowers etc) in their hands started showering flowers and scented water ..hahahahaha.. Come-on..Wake up it happens only in TV with celebrities. We ourselves had to open the hotel door and search the hotel receptionist to get our rooms.

In rooms we just freshen up and took a warm bath, weather was good, I think 20 degree around. And ordered stuffed parantha with pickle and curd. It was delectable. Then we decide to hire a cab for local site-seeing in Manali. Luckily we got the guy (Virender Thakur) to drive our hired car of our age-group. The guy was the owner of a nearby hotel. Surprised, the hotel could not arrange a cab for this due to peak time, so the manager asks this guy to take us for site seeing.

Day 1 Site-Seeing

First we went Hidamba Temple named after Ghatotkach' mother (from Mahabharat , Mr. Bhim's son). It was completely made of wood and had foot prints of Devi Hidamba at the nadir. There some old women were carrying white monstrous (many fold to normal) rabbits, but very sweet like teddy-bear. We took pics hold them in our hands (of-course they charged money).

Then we visited Club House. It has all indoor sports like T.T., Snookers, Carom, video games, Badminton etc and is on the bank of Beas, nice scenic view.

From here we went to Manu temple named after Maharishi Manu (not our Manu). The composite literature of clouds and mountain was creating a beautiful view.

Now the next target was Vashistha Temple. Here there was a pond in which moderate hot water is coming and people were bathing and it is believed that all type of body pain can be relived by taking bath in it. I don't know if this canard is true.

Then we returned to our hotel having dreams to conquer Rohtang pass next morning.

At 5 (can anyone believe I woke up this time, my parents certainly not) in morning when we woke up we came to know that it was raining so was advised to visit Rohtang next day as there are good chances of snow fall. So we decided to go Manikaran.

Day 2 Site-Seeing

we started for Manikaran 75 km from Manali. On the way we saw awesome composition of mountain Parvati River and clouds.

Manikaran, a Gurudwara and believed that GuruNanak Dev had visited this place with his pupils and they had no fire to cook the food. He asked their pupils to remove one stone slab. As they removed it, a hot water spring sprouted from the ground, which still flows there.
There is a langar which is served throughout the day. Inside the Gurudwara there was Hot Cave, which was really hot and we sat there for couple of minutes and relax.

En-route to Manali we visit the Vaisno Devi temple; it is a replication of Vaisno Devi temple in Jammu.

Then we headed to most amazing experience River Rafting. It was baffling experience. We four guys and three rafting crew member joined the rubber boat (fueled by me and Arpit). The Beas river water was cold enough to shiver. Before the start we signed some paper, the guys said be +ive nothing would happens but when we stepped into the river, the crew guys said be carefully anything could happen. It was a 7km stretch that we cover. The boat was bumbling like a drunken guy. I have no words to describe the feeling we experience in this escapade act.Better to act yourself and feel.

After this act we were starving so we went to a river cafe, the chairs and table were placed over low flowing stream of Beas river. Amazing view, feets in river stream and we were eating Stuff parantha and Maggie with ginger tea. Wow!!!!

Then we came to hotel having dream of going to Rohtang pass next morning. We watched Prahar in hotel, in the beginning it was quite boring but we liked it after seeing the full movie. So, on the whole it was a onetime watch movie.

Day 3 Site-Seeing

Yoooooo, at 7am we headed for Rohtang Pass, 51 km drive from Manali. Manali is at 7000 ft approx and Rohtang is at 14000 ft approx. Salute to army for the road they have constructed en-route better than our national highways.
We got lots of jam; it is wise to go early in the morning we started 2 hour late. As in late hours army starts highway construction.
We took overcoats and boots on rent to save ourselves from cold. I think it was a great decision, I ll come later on this point why.

On the way we saw Mari, Gulaba (some places name not gals). This path is called highest Zeepable road in world. From now onwards we can clearly see the snow deposited on the peaks, stunning view. All the way you can see vendors selling eatable item costing many fold to actual price. It’s better to take eateries from the Manali. Now our car Alto (Can u believe Alto, what a power) came to halt at final destination. Here we need to hire horses to reach the zenith of Rohtang pass. Luckily Manu got mare and lead us all, as all horses followed her (Manu's mare!!!).

It was my second horse ride, but full of ups and downs. The cold breeze was cold enough to freeze our bones, but thank to rented overcoat (One use). I think temperature was in -ive. At last we reached the point beyond that horses couldn't go, now we had to climb the hills (Exciting, adventurous...).
All were breathing hard as here oxygen was below the normal level and thanks to our beloved IT industry that has shattered our stamina by keeping us whole day in ac rooms before an idiot box. Here we eat the most expensive Maggie of 50/- buck.

The sky was normal, suddenly black clouds arrested all the area, and started raining with snow. So I got my first snow-fall. As raining and snow made the whole area slippery and wet, so again our rented clothes saved our clothes. We all were mesmerized by the view. We captured each bit of moment in pics so that the aroma of memories emanate when ever we see them like some one open an old book having flowers within the pages. The panoramic view from top is wordless. We enjoyed the weather and snow at zenith. Then again Mr. Sun showed his face (Really he was playing with us).

We rode back to our car. And started for Solang Valley, as we moved around 1 km then suddenly the weather played again and the whole area was assaulted by black clouds and heavy rain, we stuck almost 3 hour on the same spot. With the help of good deeds that we ever done (I hope anyone between us accidentally has done), our cavalcade started moving slowly. Due to -ive temperature at peak all of us are feeling cold and headache (luckily we have some medicine, we took them). I had heard many times that weather changes in moment on hill but witnessed this very time. Due to this traffic we reach Manali at 10 pm and our plan of paragliding in Solang Valley shattered like somebody hit a mirror with stone.

At room we all guys were very tired and not sane. So decided, that next day we would sleep like anything as we do in Noida.

Day 4 Last Day

I came in consciousness at 8:40 am when the sound of Rangoli programme(On our Doordarshan) poke into my ears. I woke up suddenly, the same way as I woke up in childhood by hearing this very voice on Sunday. We guys decided to roam in Manali and to shop something that remaining hours.

We went to Mall road, this is the only road which you can find everywhere, even in college campus (Every where its purpose is same). We did some shopping there, ohh I forgot to mention one thing that in Manali there are only four ATMs and all were not working, then only we know how we manage money(hey don't think otherwise).

Our bus departure was on 4:30 pm, after checkout from hotel we reach there at 4:00 pm, I ll specially mention here Rao Travels whose volvo we had booked. The attendant in the bus doesn't allow all passengers to step in the bus even there was raining. There was lots of chaos in bus due to miss-management caused bus to start 2 hour late at 6:30 pm.

Finally we reach Delhi at 9 am next day. Here I ll again mention that bus guys doesn't allow the passengers (mostly honeymoon couples) to step out before the last stop. So they had to drove back even bus has moved past their stops.

I reached the home freshen up and headed to office, only I know what kind of battle is going on in my body not sleeping properly in night.


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